Toyota C-HR, Contributions Geneva from Toyota Evolution Crossove

Toyota C-HR is a sub-compact crossover which has become one of the recent work in the middle of the stage Geneva International Motor Show 2016. Toyota,s new crossover design brings a different language, never encountered in previous Toyota vehicles. Overall, it seems Toyota has succeeded in thrusting a revolution in the evolution of the crossover market.

Toyota interpret it as Coupe High Class Coupe rider or racer. In short, this car is the combination of the shape of a Coupe with a ground clearance of an SUV.

So this is the answer to the style and agility offered in Toyota,s new crossover. Overall with all the introduction of the C-HR, Toyota is already enlarging its market share and dabbling in the crossover segment.

The main question is, What distinguishes Toyota C-HR 2017 from a conventional crossover on the market?

  • First, the design language used by Toyota for the C-HR is different and is rarely seen in a crossover.
  • Secondly, its dimensions as well as SUVs.
  • Third, C-HR displays sharp lines and elegant roof line inclined downward, and all contributed to reinforce the impression of strong aerodynamics.
  • Fourth, Toyota provides its resources on these vehicles, by pouring a list of his thinking during the last two-three years.
  • Fifth, the car is powered by a hybrid propulsion substation, making the C-HR 2017 as one of the few crossover bolted with conventional and unconventional fuels.
  • Sixth, this car is a real example of a ,response, consistency and linearity,. If all crossover is only concerned with the appearance like SUVs, but this car was capable of delivering the performance as an SUV.

For additional information, this car is only confirmed for the European and North American markets. Indonesia and other ASEAN car market will have to wait after the car,s launch in 2017.

Exterior amenities – This car was created with platform Toyota New Global Architecture, so as to beautify the appearance and performance.

Note Size Dimensions – length 4350 mm, width 1850 mm and height of 1500 mm.

Machinery Movers – Available in three strengths, C-HR is here to meet the diverse needs of consumers. This car uses a 1.2 L turbo engine-powered 112 PS, 122 PS + 40 percent thermal efficiency with a capacity of 1,8L and the last naturally aspirated 2.0 L engine.

Competitors – Nissan Juke. Toyota has long ago since Indonesia launched a small hatchback or a crossover on the market, and the last was made by Toyota Kijang Innova. Let,s hope Toyota may soon decide to incubate this recent work in the Indonesian market soon, as well as offering an opportunity for us to feel the car first-hand masterpiece Toyota.