Thanks to AGS, Transmission Performance Suzuki Wagon R Wilder

This is what we feel when directly checked the performance of the Suzuki Karimun Wagon R which has actually been fitted with Automobile Gear Shift transmission (AGS). Its lightweight, making it increasingly wild LCGC when down the Jakarta Outer Ring Roadway (JORR) TB Simatupang.

Transmission thanks to AGS, Performance Suzuki Wagon R wilder

Initially we did not think the brand-new transmission installed on Karimun Suzuki Wagon R might affect the performance of city vehicle that is consisted of in the program cost environmentally friendly vehicles (LCGC) this. In regards to performance, Karimun Wagon R AGS uses K10B engine capacity of 998 cc 3-cylinder DOHC 12-valve with an optimal power of 68PS/ 6,200 rpm Optimum torque 90 Nm/ 3,500 rpm.

“Later on, journalist buddies would feel the instant distinction presented by Wagon R transmit AGS this. Transmission AGS is a genuine manual transmission with the taste instantly. The efficiency will be more capable however still produce the fuel consumption more efficient,” said Davy J. Tuilan, 4W DND Marketing & Sales Director of PT Suzuki Indomobil.

Suzuki Karimun Wagon R AGS has actually been geared up with a system of “drive by wire” on the gas pedal for acceleration responsive yet fuel reliable. This device has actually been tested for performance, effectiveness, and ease of maintenance in all types of Karimun Wagon R on the market today.

Wagon R AGS we drive from the Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD), Tangerang, Bintaro when entering the toll gate, right away stepped on the gas pedal until the beginning of the Pondok Indah toll. From time to time we looked spido meter needle pointing to the 140 km/ h. A variety of wonderful create a LCGC. Possibly, if the trip is not constrained by blockage, may Wagon R AGS will continue bolted leaving the other party.

AGS technology embedded on Karimun Wagon R is the latest innovation from Suzuki Indonesia, is geared up with a hydraulic actuator electronics that operate the gearshift immediately with the latest 5-speed manual transmission.

“AGS system works by integrating precision hydraulic actuator managed by an Electronic Control System (ECU) and Transmission Control Module (TCM) for controlling the clutch, gearbox gears, and engine. This transmission is able to supply the gearshift in the ideal time to offer an automatic transmission-like driving comfort and more fuel-efficient like a manual transmission, “explained Donny Saputra, Head of Item Development 4W SIS.

“This is a double advantage that is supplied by this transmission AGS is an amalgamation of excellence discovered in manual and automatic transmission so that the motorist can adjust the lorry speed by adjusting the rate of transmission to the roadway conditions. This definitely adds to the comfort of the driver in driving as well as saves fuel lorries, “he added.

Nothing incorrect call anyhow if Suzuki Karimun Wagon R has a value of ‘More Than Enough’. SUPER asserted vehicle is now geared up with a transmission AGS (Car Gear Shift) which obviously makes this car excels in the class LCGC (Low Cost Green Automobile).

From the outside, there is no substantial change in Karimun Wagon R AGS. The external shape Karimun Wagon R GS looks compact, with a proportionate box shape and height make Karimun Wagon R models can optimize the space in it. So able to accommodate five adults comfortably, and load the luggage on the travel luggage area.

Karimun Wagon R AGS for example security functions, foring example Immobilizer System that uses a signal from the electronic secret prior to the engine ECU (Engine Control Device) work. Keyless Entry system is a complement of the features of this automobile.

The automobile is likewise equipped with safety functions to safeguard the driver and traveler, seat belt 3-point ELR (Emergency situation Locking Retractor), which instantly lock and hold the passengers in the event of a blow/ crash suddenly. Then, Karimun Wagon R AGS is also equipped with child evidence rear door locks on the rear doors.

Suzuki Karimun Wagon R AGS itself was formally launched on May 19, 2015 tomorrow. AGS transmission contained in Karimun Wagon R type GL, GX, Dilago, and GS. This new transmission matches other pillar functions which contain aspects SUPER (Spacious, Usefull, Practical, Economical, Affordable).

Suzuki Indonesia sell cars LCGC AGS transmission is priced at Rp 113 million for Karimun Wagon R AGS type GL, GS type Wagon R Rp 120,000,000 AGS, AGS-type GX Wagon R Rp 121 million, and Wagon R AGS Dilago expense Rp 122,000 000.