Selling Your Annuity Payments

When you purchased your annuity, you worked with a broker or other financial planner to build the policy to help you pay for the things you wanted in the future. If you inherited the annuity, your loved one worked with their advisor to try to plan for your future as well. However, sometimes your life changes in ways you couldn’t imagine back during those planning sessions.

Selling Your Annuity Payments

Maybe you’re looking to start your own business, invest in updating your home, or even make a down payment on a new one. Maybe your kids got into an amazing school, but tuition is just a bit more expensive than what you planned for. In life, the only constant is change. Shouldn’t your finances change with it?

Unfortunately, changing your annuity through the insurance company that manages it isn’t easy. In many cases, once you buy the policy, making changes isn’t possible. You’ll still get your money, but only in the small, regular payments you agreed to – even if you want more money to use now.

Fortunately, companies like J.G. Wentworth offer a solution. We’ll buy some or all of your annuity payments in exchange for a cash lump sum you can spend in as little as two weeks once you complete the required paperwork. In short, we get you your money sooner so you can spend it how you want it, when you want it.

Reasons To Sell Your Annuity

We understand that everyone’s situation and reason for selling is unique, but some common reasons for selling your future payments might be because you:

  • Inherit an annuity and you’d rather receive a lump sum of cash instead of monthly payments
  • Experience an unexpected life change which requires additional cash now, not future payments
  • Need to make a change to your investment or estate planning strategy
  • Realized your original reason for buying an annuity no longer applies to your circumstances
  • Need a down payment for a new home or cash for home improvements
  • Dream of starting a business of your own or investing in one
  • Want to fund either your own, or the college education of a loved one
  • Wish to use a lump sum to pay off debt acquired from credit cards, loans, or medical bills
  • Require capital to fund legal expenses required for divorce
  • Want to invest in real estate, the stock market, or retirement funds

No matter what the reason, our experienced annuity experts will speak with you to fully understand your situation to give you the best option to sell your annuity and meet your needs.

How Much Is My Annuity Worth

Figuring out how much cash your annuity is worth today is an important step when deciding if you want to sell it, but it’s not just a simple calculation. The company that issued your annuity, the special riders you placed on it to change how much money you received with each payment and several other factors change how much we can offer you for your payments.

Some of those factors that may affect the future value or your annuity and in turn, the sale price, include:

  • Amount of remaining payments
  • Term and frequency of your payments
  • How soon your payments come due

Annuity Sale Options

When thinking about the sale of your recurring payments, it’s important to know that you have options in the way you sell them. So, if you like the idea of having your recurring payment stream, but also need a lump sum to make your dreams a reality, you’re able to do so. Here’s a look at how you can potentially sell your annuity payments to make them work for you:

  • Partial Sale

    If you choose to only sell a portion of your annuity payments, you will continue to receive payments in one of two ways. You can choose to sell a period of your payments, in which you’ll receive no payments for that period, however your recurring payments will resume once that time period is up.

    For example, if you have payments that are distributed over 10 years, you can sell the last 5 years’ worth of payments, which still allows you to receive payments for the next 5 years, and get a lump sum of cash in hand. Another option is to sell a portion of each payment – in this case you will still receive continual payments, however they will be only a portion of what they were prior to the sale.

  • Entirety

    Selling the entirety of your annuity payments through the full term of your contract results in clearing out your investment or settlement annuity all at once. This results in the end of your regularly scheduled payments; however, you’ll be left with a lump sum of cash to use as you see fit.

How To Sell Your Annuity

Selling an annuity starts by speaking with one of our experienced representatives. You can either start the chat online, or give us a call and we’ll have someone to explain our process. Your representative will ask you questions about your annuity. We’ll also ask you questions about your financial situation so we can figure out the best way to help you achieve your goals.

When we understand your annuity and goals, we’ll create a few options for your representative to offer you. This can include selling all of your payments for a set amount of time, or just selling a portion of each payment and still receiving a regular payment.

You’ll then choose how you’ll sell your future annuity payments, we’ll get all the paperwork together to send to the insurance company who manages your account. We’ll need a signed copy of your annuity agreement and a contract where you authorize us to complete the sale. We’ll send the documents to your insurance company who will process the changes.

Once we have all necessary documentation and get approval from the company that issues the annuity J.G. Wentworth can deposit the cash directly into your account electronically, or send you a check, whatever is easier for you.

Get Your Money When You Need It

If you need cash now, you don’t have to wait on your annuity payments. Contact us to speak with a representative today. We’ll give you a no-obligation quote and help answer your questions about selling some or all of your annuity.

Depending on the insurance company that issued your annuity, you can have your cash in as little as two weeks after you authorize the sale. We’ve helped thousands of customers sell their annuities, allowing us to streamline the process and get you your money as soon as possible.